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I am a teacher, photographer and traveler. I got my first camera when I was eight on a trip to New York City. I took lots of  pictures with that camera and to this day it amazes me to see some of those images.  Snapshots of moments preserved through time. Images of little kids running around being silly and goofy. Photos revealing camaraderie only exchanged between young children. Split second images captured forever. 

I was born in Akron, Ohio and because of my father’s work, grew up in Casablanca, Morocco. I went to French Elementary school and then became a boarding school student in Tangier, Morocco and The Hague, Netherlands.  After graduation, I moved to Ohio where I attended The University of Akron. I got a degree in Education, a major in French and a minor in Art with emphasis in Photography. I later went to Midland College and took four more years of photography.

I currently live in Louisiana where I teach French and work as a Freelance Photographer. I do weddings, portraits etc… and I can be reached at






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