French for children



Learn French from this CD made especially for children.  It is a self guided course designed for kids ages 5 and up.  It begins with the alphabet and gradually moves on to numbers, animals,  colors, parts of the body etc… and then on to building simple sentences.  There are thirteen folk songs to sing along to and each is accompanied by beautiful piano music. They say that a child who learns a foreign language before the age of twelve can learn to speak it fluently, without an accent.  This French for Children course is narrated by me. I am a native speaker and experienced teacher.  It is easy to follow and contains 13 folk songs handed down from generation to generation. 

All over Europe most people speak more than one language.  That’s because they learn it at school at a young age.  It’s been determined that by learning a foreign language, children use neurons and brain cells that improve thinking skills and intelligence quota.  

 Learning a foreign language broadens the mind and gives children wonderful opportunities.  When they are twelve and younger, they absorb the full potential of being bilingual.  This French for Children course is a stepping stone for your child to begin speaking French fluently.  He will master the basic concept of vocabulary and simple sentence construction.   This will happen as he/she sings the songs and follow along speaking with the narrator.  He will learn all the words and phrases on the CD and with these phrases, begin making short sentences and then onto longer ones.  Sit back and watch your Child repeat and learn all the French words, sing the songs and begin speaking.  Just watch them listen, learn and speak.  You will be amazed!  

Satisfaction is complete or your money is returned. Cost is $19.99. If you would like to purchase a copy send me an email at

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